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Terms & Conditions

1.1 Our employees are protected under these terms and conditions; however our staff do not
have the authority to make any promises on our behalf or change any of these terms and conditions.
1.2 By agreeing to use Dogtainers Pet Transport you are agreeing to accept ALL the
conditions of carriage detailed below without exception and agree that Dogtainers
decisions are final and are made in the best interest of the animal and its welfare.
1.3 You also agree that any act or omission from the airline, delays, cancellations, financial
claims resulting from the aforementioned instances or restricted services are not in any
way held against Dogtainers its agents or franchisees.
1.4 The utmost care and attention is given to your pets, they are handled with the
understanding that Dogtainers Australia or its franchisees, kennels, Agents and
veterinarians are at no time to be held responsible for loss, death, illness, injury or
accident due to any cause, either natural or accidental outside its own control.
1.5 Owners accept that by requesting Dogtainers offices to provide transport for the pet that
any animal can become stressed and chew or damage themselves on their crates.
1.6 All services are quoted based on a Monday-Friday 0900–1600 service delivery, and any
alteration to services may result in out of hours or weekend charges being applied to your booking.
1.7 By agreeing to transport your pet by road or by air you accept and understand the risk of
your pet becoming stressed and you also agree that any financial claims resulting from the
aforementioned instances are not in any way held against Dogtainers its agents or franchisees.
1.8 We reserve the right not to handle aggressive, reactive and fearful animals.

2.1 All customers accept that if you require transport for a Brachycephalic / Snub Nose
Breed, you accept that transport is arranged at the owners risk and may require a
veterinary clearance dependant on the airlines requirements and or a disclaimer.
2.2 For transporting pregnant animals you agree that a veterinary certificate is to be provided
stating that the animal is fit for travel or you must accept the risk yourself.
2.3 If your animal is sick or injured you must provide a veterinary certificate stating it is fit to travel.

3.1 Questions that relate to the Airline check lists are asked by our staff at the booking stage
and acceptance of travel is based on the answers received by our customers.
3.2 The quotation or estimate is based on the height, length, width and weight of the pet/s or
dimensions of your travel container/s, provided by the owner or their representative.
3.3 If the incorrect pet information is provided, or if there is any increase in weight or the size
of the pet or travel container, extra freight charges are at the owner’s expense.
3.4 Our handling charges in this quotation are valid for 30 days unless changes outside of
Dogtainers direct control impact on the quotation. All extra costs are at the pet owners expense.
3.5 Quotations are based on current tariffs and freight tariffs which are subject to fuel and
other increases without prior notification, including within the 30 days of quote
validation. Any increases are to the client’s account.
3.6 Insurance for pets whilst in kennels or during travel is not included in our charges.
3.7 Requesting alterations to bookings: The first change to bookings is normally Free Of Charge,
thereafter, a $25.00 AUD to $100 administration fee for each change and any subsequent change will be applied.
3.8 Our quotations do not include customs clearance, airline handling charges or Tax at the
destination airport (unless specified).

4.1 Dogtainers is not liable to the shipper, consignee, any third party, or any other person
having an interest in the cargo intort or contract or bailment or otherwise for any, and
the consequences of any, delay in collection of cargo or loss of or damage to or
deterioration of cargo or miss delivery or failure to deliver or delay in delivery of cargo
for any reason whatsoever including, without limiting the foregoing, the negligence or
breach of contract, statutory duty or wilful act or default of the carrier whether or not the
same occurs in the course of performance by or on behalf of the carrier under this contract
or in events which are in the contemplation of carrier and/or shipper or in events which
are foreseeable by them or either of them or in events which may constitute
a fundamental breach of contract or a breach of a fundamental term.
4.2 Dogtainers recommends that any pet documents are NOT attached to crates when being
transported as Dogtainers accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred.
4.3 Dogtainers cannot be held responsible for airline delays, cancellation of flights, incorrect
routing, miss loading, not loading the pets by the airlines or its handling agents, change of
aircraft type ‘which then delays your pets transport’ or available capacity by airlines, or
loss of veterinary documents by airlines.
4.4 Additional charges for flights, comfort stops due to the pet soiling their crate ‘airline
requirement’ kennelling and extra trips to and from the airport are for the client’s account.
4.5 Any times provided by Dogtainers for pick up or delivery of animals are estimates only.
4.6 Dogtainers will not be held responsible or liable for any delays incurred by DAFF / Vet
staff used by Dogtainers and any on costs of delays how soever caused.
4.7 Whilst we do go to great lengths to ensure we can maintain an appropriate timetable it is
inevitable that at times we will be required to make alterations to our timetable due to the
volume of bookings, traffic and weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns or any other
reason beyond our control.
4.8 We reserve the right not to transport or handle any animal that is considered to present a
danger to any person or other animal and this shall be at the sole discretion of our drivers.
4.9 We accept no liability for any loss, cost or inconvenience suffered by any party as a result
of any alteration to our timetable or that of the airline used.

5.1 Dogtainers are authorised to seek veterinary attention for an animal should this be
required whilst pets are in boarding kennels or our day care departure lounge facility.
5.2 Any additional veterinary charges are to the client’s account.
5.3 All boarding costs whilst in kennels are to the client’s account.
5.4 Animals staying for long or indefinite periods must have account settled monthly in advance.
5.5 Should departure dates be delayed, extra kenneling costs are to the client’s account, and
must be settled prior to departure of pets.
5.6 In the case where an approved company will be settling costs, we require a written
company order or letter accepting our quotation prior to shipment of pets.


Toll AVI Terms and Conditions
i) Must agree to the Toll Air Express form above, and where Dogtainers is lodging
the animal must agree and accept that they indemnify Dogtainers against all and any claims.
ii) You may be asked by Toll Air Express to complete additional forms at point of travel.
iii) Toll Air Express conditions of transport are accepted by the customer and the
customer agrees to indemnify Dogtainers against all and any claims once the
consignment has been handed over to Toll for travel.

Virgin Australia AVI Acceptance Checklist
i) Must agree to the Virgin Australia form above, and where Dogtainers is lodging
the animal must agree and accept that they indemnify Dogtainers against all and any claims.
ii) You may be asked by Virgin Australia to complete additional forms at point of travel.
iii) Virgin Australia conditions of transport are accepted by the customer and the
customer agrees to indemnify Dogtainers against all and any claims once the
consignment has been handed over to Virgin Australia for travel.

Qantas Freight Household Pets – Shippers Statement and Acknowledgment
i) Must agree to the Qantas form above, and where Dogtainers is lodging the
animal must agree and accept that they indemnify Dogtainers against all and any claims.
ii) You may be asked by Qantas to complete additional forms at point of travel.
iii) Qantas conditions of transport are accepted by the customer and the customer
agrees to indemnify Dogtainers against all and any claims once the consignment
has been handed over to Qantas for travel.

7.1 There are special requirements for young kittens or puppies;
7.1.1 If your puppy or kitten is less than 8 weeks old then we will not be able to accept it for travel.
7.1.2 If your puppy or kitten is between 8 – 12 weeks old, you will require a
veterinary certificate stating your pet is healthy enough to travel.
7.2 There are special requirements for older dogs & cats;
7.2.1 If your dog or cat is older than 12 years, you will require a vet certificate stating
your dog is healthy enough to travel.
7.3 Can multiple pets travel in the same crate?
7.3.1 Pets may travel in the same crate provided they are from the same species, are
similar in size and weight and are used to cohabitation. Each pet must not weigh more than 14kg.
7.4 Are all breeds of dogs and cats accepted?
7.4.1 Breeds classified as Dangerous Animals by the Australian Government and
deemed prohibited to import are not accepted under any circumstances. These
breeds are: Pit Bull Terrier; American Pit Bull; Dogo Argentian; Japanese Tosa;
Brazilian Fila; Brazilian Mastiff; and Presa Canario.
7.5 Are any breeds subject to special conditions?
7.5.1 American Staffordshire Terriers will only be accepted in a CR-82 reinforced cage
or an airline-approved guard dog cage. The CR-82 type cage is specially
reinforced to prevent the dog from breaking out, and therefore reduce incidents
relating to aircraft damage or injury to the dog itself.

8.1 Where pets require kennelling in local boarding kennels, valid vaccination certificates
MUST be produced. In most instances inoculations and de-worming is to be carried out at
least two weeks prior to overseas travel or admission into kennels.
8.2 Validity: Dogs – C5, Cats – F3, valid for one year and to have been done more than 14
days prior to entry. It remains the client’s responsibility to ensure that the pet/s inoculations are up to date.

Boarding Agreement
In the rare case that your pet is injured or requires emergency medical treatment, one of our team members will contact you.
If we cannot contact you, you give Dogtainers and all kennels that Dogtainers use consent to contact their vet to treat your pet(s).
Vet costs will be charged at your expense and payable upon pickup of the animal. This will only be done if our team deems it completely necessary.
8.3 You confrim that your Dog(s) is/are fully vaccinated against Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Distemper, Parainfluenza and Bordatella (C5). My Cat(s) is/are fully
vaccinated against Feline Enteritis, Feline Rhinotracheitus and Feline Calicivirus (F3). Any other animal boarding with the facility has had the
appropriate treatment/vaccinations as needed.
8.4 While the Dogtainers Team will make every effort to ensure all of my pet/s belongings are kept with my pet/s during their stay,
I understand that they accept no responsibility for items left, misplaced, lost or in lesser condition then they were left.
8.5 I agree that in the event of arrears or after due notice in writing, Dogtainers shall have the right to depose of animal(s) and this shall not release me
from liability for any unpaid fees or charges. In the event of suspected abandonment, the Dogtainers Team will attempt to make contact for a
two week period before taking appropriate steps to re-home the animals.
8.6 I acknowledge that while the team will take reasonable care, they cannot be held responsible for injury, death, loss or damage of any kind what so
ever that may occur to any pet this includes kennel cough and the like.
8.7 I have, to my full knowledge, disclosed all health concerns, special needs and behavioral issues in regards to all of my pet/s.
8.8 From time to time, The Dogtainers Team may take photos and videos of your pet/s during their stay. I hereby grant Dogtainers permission to use my
pet/s likeness in a photograph, video, or other digital media in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration.
8.9 Clients are responsible for administering flea/tick control and worming prior to your pets stay. Occasionally we may be required to administer
treatments to ensure your pets are healthy during their stay. Please note that such items will be payable upon collection of your pet(s), and will only be done if
our Team deems it completely necessary. The facility will not be held accountable if any problems arise from these treatments.
If no flea/tick protection has been administered to a pet by the owner, the Team has the right to refuse animals for board until such time
as the treatment has additional been given; these treatments are available directly at check-in. Clients must be aware
that even though Dogtainers takes all due care regarding the prevention and treatment of paralysis ticks, it is not possible to guarantee that these
instances will not occur. The Team does not take any responsibility in the instance that a pet suffers from tick poisoning, even if sufficient treatment has been administered.


9.1 Where sedatives are needed or specifically requested, sedatives are STRICTLY to be
arranged by the client and prescribed and issued by client’s own veterinarian. Dogtainers
will not be held responsible for over dosage, any side effects or death due to poorly
administered sedatives. Please be aware Airlines / Fright companies may refuse to fly /
accept non-responsive pets due to sedatives. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to notify
Dogtainers of any medical conditions that your pet might have prior to travel. Pets with
medical conditions always fly at the owner’s risk.

10.2 In the case where an approved company will be settling costs, we require a written
company order or letter accepting our quotation prior to shipment of pets.
10.3 Deposits for international pet transport are non-refundable. Deposits will vary from
$500.00 to $1,500.00 AUD depending on the work undertaken and will not be refunded.
10.4 Booking fee for Domestic Bookings (within Australia) is non-refundable. Booking fee is $25.00 AUD.
10.5 For Domestic and International booking cancellations within three (3) days of the
scheduled animals travel date, fifty percent (50%) of the quoted payment received
(excluding non-refundable deposits and booking fee’s) will be refunded.
10.6 For booking cancellations four (4) days or greater from the animals scheduled travel date,
one hundred percent (100%) of the quoted payment received (excluding non-refundable deposits and booking fee’s) will be refunded.
10.7 Change / Amendment to booking charges. The following charges are applicable to changes to bookings at the request of the customer:
a. For domestic bookings, change requests will only be accepted up to 24 hours prior to
the scheduled travel booking time. First change request actioned free of charge, each subsequent change request incurs a $25.00 change fee.
b. For international bookings, for change requests up to three (3) weeks prior to booked
travel, first change request will be actioned free of a booking change fee, however any
costs/charges for additional treatments or re-treatments and/or permits required by the
import or export country will be payable by the customer at the time of effecting the
change. Subsequent change requests up to three (3) weeks prior to booked travel will
incur a $25.00 change fee plus any costs/charges for additional treatments or retreatments and/or permits required by the import or export country.
For change requests to international bookings made within three (3) weeks prior to
booked travel, change requests will incur a $250.00 change fee plus any costs/charges for
additional treatments or re-treatments and/or permits required by the import or export country.
10.8 Interest free payment plan. Dogtainers offers customers the ability to pay for some
bookings by interest free instalments under the following terms and conditions:
a. For bookings over $2,000.00 AUD only.
b. Payment of total amount payable for the booking must be received and be finalised at
least 10 days prior to the booked date of travel for the animal.
c. Payment plan is to be agreed between the customer and the Dogtainers office at time
of accepting the quote and confirming a booking.
d. All other terms and conditions such as change and cancellation request apply to
bookings being paid for by interest free payment plan.
10.9 **Please note Dogtainers retain the right to update quotes prior to booking if
Government or Airline Fees or charges change during the validity period of any quotation**

11.1 To comply with Dogtainers ACCA approval we are bound to make all customers aware
that it is illegal to consign as cargo an unauthorized explosive device.

12.1 Thanks for using our products and services . The Services are provided by:
Dogtainers Australia
36 Harvey St North,
Eagle Farm, 4009
QLD, Australia
12.2 By using our Application, you are agreeing to these terms. If you disagree with the terms
of the Application please do not use or access this service.
12.3 Using our Services
12.3.1 This Application has been designed to assist Dogtainers customers in planning
for their pet’s travel plans. While Dogtainers at all times endeavours to provide
up to date and relevant information it cannot be held responsible for information
that has changed, has been incorrectly supplied or has been uploaded into the
App that may be incorrect. It is the responsibility of the user to confirm all
details with Dogtainers when it comes to the preparation of the pet to travel
either domestically or internationally, to ensure that all arrangements have been made correctly and in a timely manner.
12.3.2 Dogtainers cannot be held responsible for a delay in a pet’s travel, whatever the
reason, based on information submitted or loaded onto this App.
12.3.3 The user is responsible for submitting all details onto the App.
12.4 Privacy Protection
12.4.1 No information submitted or uploaded to the App can be shared by Dogtainers to
any third party for any reason whatsoever.
12.5 Your Content in our Services
12.5.1 Some of our Services allow you to upload, submit, store, send or receive content.
You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays
12.6 Our Warranties and Disclaimers
12.6.1 We provide our Services using a commercially reasonable level of skill and care
and we hope that you will enjoy using them. But there are certain things that we don’t promise about our Services.

13.1 The acceptance of any commercial credit application is at the discretion of each
individual Dogtainers office. Acceptance by any one office does not automatically
provide acceptance to provide credit by any other Dogtainers office.
13.2 Commercial Credit is provided on a case by case basis, and acceptance or approval is at
the sole discretion of the individual Dogtainers office.
13.3 The Dogtainers office may collect credit information about an applicant, in relation to a
‘Commercial Credit Application’ from a commercial reporting agency as defined in Section 6P of the Privacy Act 1988.
13.4 The Dogtainers office will only obtain such information with the express written
permission of the applicant pursuant to Section 20F(1) Item 2 of the Privacy Act 1988.
13.5 The Dogtainers office will only obtain such information as deemed necessary to
determine the risk associated with approving an application for commercial credit.
Information obtained will include, but may not be limited to, an applicant’s past defaults
on payments, an applicant’s status with respect to solvency or operation under administration of any kind.
13.6 Any information obtained is solely for the purpose of evaluating any risk associated with
the applicant’s application for commercial credit.
13.7 Any information obtained will be held electronically on the individual Dogtainers office
accounting and/or operating system. Any hardcopy of the information produced will be
safeguarded from view by unauthorised persons and destroyed immediately when it is no longer required.
13.8 All information obtained will be deleted and/or destroyed at the time an applicant either:
13.8.1 No longer wishes to receive commercial credit from the Dogtainers office, or,
13.8.2 If an application for commercial credit is not approved, six (6) months after the
applicant has been notified that their application has not been approved by the Dogtainers office.
13.9 The Dogtainers office will not disclose or share any information obtained with any third party without either:
13.9.1 The express written permission of the applicant, or,
13.9.2 A Court order or such other legal document or direction that makes the disclosure
or sharing of such information a legal requirement under relevant Australian law.
13.10 The Dogtainers office retains the right to share or disclose information to third parties
only where the information has been obtained during the provision of the commercial
credit agreement. For clarity, this would include where the applicant has failed to make
payment on an invoiced account as and when required, this information may be relayed to
relevant parties to facilitate the recovery of such monies as required to settle the account.
13.11 The applicant may request, and the Dogtainers office will provide any details about the
information obtained or held in the processing of the commercial credit application. The
request must be in writing and directed to the individual Dogtainers office with which the
commercial credit application was made.
13.12 If the applicant believes that any information obtained is incorrect, the applicant should
seek to correct this information with the relevant provider such as the commercial reporting agency.
13.14 The applicant may make a complaint to the individual Dogtainers office if they feel
aggrieved in respect to an application for commercial credit, or this policy. If the
applicant is not satisfied with the response received from the individual Dogtainers office,
the applicant can raise their complaint to the Franchisor through the Franchise Manager at
headoffice@dogtainers.com.au. If the applicant is still not
satisfied with the response, they can raise their complaint with the relevant Ombudsman for consideration.
13.15 Nothing in this policy restricts the Dogtainers office from being able to take any action as
necessary to recover monies unpaid by an applicant on an invoiced account. This may
include legal action or on selling any debt to a registered collection agency if required.

Dogtainers are excited to release our International Service Guarantee program, the first of its kind
anywhere in the world. The guarantee has been designed to ensure that as a customer of Dogtainers
you will feel confident, reassured and have full peace of mind that your pets international
arrangements are in the best and safest possible hands. The International Service Guarantee
program ensures that not only do your pets arrangements get made in a timely and secure manner
but your pet will also have the opportunity to acclimatise with their travel crate prior to the travel
date. After we have collected your pet ready for the big adventure we will update you with a photo
and then on arrival touch base to see how you and your pet are all settling in. At this stage you will
be able to leave feedback on your experience with Dogtainers by simply clicking on the link
(Customer Feedback) which will also be provided at the time of travel. We understand that there is a
lot going on at this time so it is our job to make the process as simple as possible.
14.1 Your pet’s stay safe with Dogtainers Applies to International Transport Only.
14.2 Journey ahead document this will be received from the office that you have made the
booking from within 10 full working days of receiving your booking pack.
14.3 The country requirements If not already provided through our general correspondence
these will be provided within 10 full working days of receiving your booking pack
14.4 Travel crate delivered, travel crate delivery only included when location is within 40km
of the airport of your booking city. Cities included Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth,
Adelaide, Cairns and Darwin. Crate delivery not included when located in a regional
town. Please discuss alternatives with your consultant should you be in a regional city or
outside the metro area. Crate delivery may not be included when a booking is made with
less than 10 working days’ notice prior to the departure . Please discuss options with your pet travel specialist
14.5 Almost time for travel document, this document will be received no later than 24 hours prior to the collection of your pet.
14.6 Photo of the pet (time and weather permitting) Photo to be taken and sent to you prior
your pets departure and will be forwarded to the email address on our booking sheet as time allows.
14.7 Follow up to your email will take place within 4 week of your pets arrival.
14.8 Although Dogtainers will do all in its power to ensure your pets fly as booked, the
guarantee is not applicable nor is attached or related to any airline delays or cancellations
regardless of the reason or changes to your animals flights due to any health, vet issues or
any other reason. The guarantee is based around the services Dogtainers provides in
regards to its booking services only, and no refunds will be given for any costs as part of
the move for Vet fees, Airline Freight costs, Airline handling fees, Airport fees,
quarantine fees, or collection and or delivery costs.

15.1 Overview
15.1.1 At Dogtainers Pet Transport, we believe that our customers have a right to be heard, understood and respected.
15.1.2 We also believe that our staff have the right to work in a safe environment, free from any
verbal abuse or harm caused by others.
15.1.3 We expect all our customers to treat our staff with courtesy and respect at all times.
15.1.4 In a small number of cases the actions of some customers become unacceptable because
they involve verbal abuse of our staff and/or our processes.
15.1.5 We do not view an action as unacceptable, just because a person is forceful or
determined. However, we do consider actions that result in unreasonable demands and/or
abusive behaviour and unsavoury language to be unacceptable.
15.1.6 There are a range of actions we consider to be unacceptable, which can be best grouped as follows:
i) Aggressive or abusive behaviour; and
ii) Unreasonable demands and/or unreasonable levels of contact.
15.2 Aggressive or abusive behaviour.
15.2.1 We understand that people can become angry when they feel that matters about which
they feel strongly are not being dealt with as they wish. If that anger escalates into
aggression or abuse towards our staff, we consider that unacceptable.
15.2.2 Aggressive or abusive behaviour includes language (whether verbal, Email or written)
that may cause staff to feel afraid, threatened or abused and may include threats, personal
verbal abuse, derogatory remarks, non-directed swearing and general rudeness. We also
consider inflammatory statements, remarks of a discriminatory nature and unsubstantiated
allegations, to be abusive behaviour. Where a customer is aggressive or abusive, we may decide to:
i) Advise the customer that we consider their actions offensive, unnecessary and unhelpful and ask them to stop;
ii) End telephone calls / appointments / meetings;
iii) Terminate all direct contact with the customer;
iv) Notify the police. This will always be the case if physical violence is used or threatened; and
v) Take any other action that we consider appropriate to the circumstances.
15.3 Unreasonable demands and / or unreasonable levels of contact
15.3.1 A demand becomes unacceptable when it starts to impact excessively on the work of our
staff, or when dealing with the matter takes up an excessive amount of time and in so
doing, disadvantages other customers.
15.3.2 Where a customer is unreasonably demanding, repeatedly contacts Dogtainers or its
agents in person, by phone, email etc., contacts various offices about the same issue,
raises the same issue repeatedly, or sends us large numbers of documents about which the
relevance is not clear, we may decide to:
i) Limit contact to telephone calls from the person at set times on set days;
ii) Restrict contact to a nominated member of staff who will deal with future calls or correspondence;
iii) See the person by appointment only;
iv) Restrict contact to written correspondence only;
v) Refuse to deal with further correspondence and return any documents;
vi) Advise the person that further irrelevant documentation will be destroyed; and
vii) Take any other action that we consider appropriate to the circumstances.
15.4 Taking action
15.4.1 Before we take any action, we will give the customer the opportunity to modify their
behaviour. If the behaviour continues, we will take action as set out in this document.
15.4.2 Customers will be told in writing via system text, email or letter why a decision has been
made, what the alternative arrangements will be and the length of time that these
restrictions will be in place.

16.2 We may modify these terms or any additional terms that apply to a Service to, for
example, reflect changes to the law or changes to our Services.
16.3 You should look at the terms regularly.
16.4 We’ll post notice of modifications to these terms on this page. We’ll post notice of
modified additional terms in the applicable Service.
16.5 Changes will not apply retroactively and will become effective no sooner than fourteen
days after they are posted. However, changes addressing new functions for a Service or
changes made for legal reasons will be effective immediately.
16.6 If you do not agree to the modified terms for a Service, you should discontinue your use of that Service.
16.7 If there is a conflict between these terms and the additional terms, the additional terms will control for that conflict.
16.8 These terms control the relationship between Dogtainers and you. They do not create any third-party beneficiary rights.

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