Pet Travel

Australia is a vast country with excellent Airline connections and  airports.  Virgin Australia and Qantas are main carriers here in Australia and Dogtainers uses their services to allow Pets to Travel within state, interstate both airport to airport and door to door.  Dogtainers has been using Australian airlines to transport Pets around Australia since 1971. Pet Travel is one of specialized disciplines that operate in the pet transport market.  We always recommend you transport your Dog, Cat, Fish, Reptile or Bird with a company that has been around for many years and has all the professional insurances and are members of the correct governing bodies.


How to Select a Pet Travel Agent

Climate controlled vans for Door to Door transport is a must in Australia. Air conditioning and heating must be setup correctly to control the Pets general comfort levels.  Dogtainers has a fleet of climate controlled vehicles and ensure your pet is transport for the travel in a safe and comfortable way.  Look out for customer reviews on our page, you can tell a lot about what people say. IMG_1706 Dogtainers can organise Pet Travel to any country in the world, with over 400 professional agents who all belong to a group of Pet Shippers Dogtainers has the network you can trust.