Pet Travel To Australia from New Zealand

australian-flag-2015-1024x699Dogtainers transport pets from New Zealand to Australia every day of the week, we have direct flights to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Adelaide, and Perth. With Dogtainers Offices in every state in Australia we look after your pet all the way to your address or airport in Australia no handing your loved pet over to different companies anymore.


All animals travelling to Australia must be at least 8 weeks old and identified with a microchip. Microchip installation service is available from Dogtainers or our local vet in Auckland. A veterinary inspection including completion of the official Export Certificate and treatments for parasites is required within 72 hours of departure. The export certificate is an official form produced by Ministry for Primary Industries or MPI for short. This form is provided as part of the Dogtainers Service otherwise it must be purchased from your vet practice.

Travel For Dogs only:

Dogs must have lived in New Zealand or Australia all their life OR for the 90 days preceding travel. Owners need to sign the Export Certificate when presenting their dog for the veterinary inspection.   If the owner is not to be present during the vet inspection the owner must complete a separate Owner Statutory Declaration form and provide the original to our office prior to the presentation of the animals for vet inspection. This form must be signed by the owner in the presence of a Justice of the Peace or other approved person. These forms are available from your your local Dogtainers Pet Travel Consultant.

Animals who have resided in Africa or been in quarantine are subject to special requirements, you should discuss these issues with Dogtainers prior to departure just call one of our friendly Pet Travel consultants on 0800 13 52 52.