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Julie, Daryl and jack recently relocated to the UK from Melbourne with Dogtainers help

At Dogtainers we understand that pets are family. We also understand that the thought of sending your pets either overseas and domestically can make you feel a little weak at the knees. At Dogtainers it is our commitment to make the travel process as smooth and as seamless as possible for not only your 4 legged family member but also for you.
We thought hearing from someone who has been there and done that with their pet would give some helpful insight as to what others before you have experienced. Australian netballer Julie Corletto and husband, former NBL basketballer Daryl recently relocated to the UK from Melbourne to continue Daryl’s basketball career. They couldn’t leave without Jack. Here is what they had to say.
Prior to Jack travelling what were your concerns?
We felt quite nervous & concerned about the distance of travelling that Jack had to do. Jack had flown quite a few times to and from NZ and Australia, however never as far as the UK so that made us both quite anxious.

What types of things did you find important in the lead up for Jack in preparation for his travel.

We found it very important to be well organised and know exactly what we had to do for Jack prior to his travel. We felt less nervous feeling everything was under control. It was then a matter of booking his appointments and then getting him accustomed to his travel crate. Dogtainers kindly delivered his crate out weeks in advanced so that Jack could get used to it before he flew. We met with Danny and he and Jonathan in Melbourne answered any questions I had and gave me reassurance that the whole process would run smoothly – which it did. Just before Jack boarded his flight to the UK we received some photos from Dogtainers, The photos were of Jack having his final check up with the vet and looking quite happy and at the airport .These made us rest easy knowing that Jack was in the best hands and he was ready to fly

Jack getting collected for his big flight to the UK with Dogtainers

For entry into some countries like the UK different vaccinations are required.  How did Jack go with receiving a rabies vaccination.

Luckily Jack isn’t fussed with injections so the rabies vaccination was just like any other injection he had received really. The cheeky boy was happy to get a treat after the injection. The most pleasing part about this was that the paperwork received from Dogtainers was so easily completed by the vet when Jack had his vaccination. UK Pet Transport

How was Jack when you collected him from the animal reception center/ airport?

He was very excited to see us…. However I think very excited to eat some food also, he was just like his normal cheeky self. You wouldn’t have known he had just been on a flight for 24+hrs.

He loves it. Especially because he is allowed into so many places not like back home. He comes in with us to the post office and to our favourite local coffee shop. He’s getting quite used to it, but I think he thinks he owns the coffee shop!!.

We know that Jack is a much loved member of your family. What advice would have for other families or people considering transporting their beloved family member?

Yes he is very much loved! He is like our child J It’s the best thing having him with us, although it is quite an expensive exercise it is well worth it.

When researching animal transport companies what were you looking for?  What was important to you?

We ultimately looked for a company that would look after Jack like we do and have trust that he would get treated well in his travel. That is the exact treatment we have received from Dogtainers and we are extremely thankful for that.

Just like Julie and Daryl, you can ensure your pet’s safety and wellbeing; whether you’re moving interstate or internationally. Get a quote today!