Pet Relocation

Being reunited with a pet is one of the greatest feelings for animal lovers. It can be a stressful time to be separated from your dog, cat, or other pet because of relocation, and so it helps to use a trusted animal importation service that is experienced at bringing pets into the country.

Importing Pet’s & Animals to Australia


Importing animals to Australia requires knowledge of the correct procedures and protocols on the one hand; and on the other it requires the caring hand of animal lovers who will ensure your pet is well looked after.
Dogtainers is proud of the 40 years’ experience we have in providing dog and cat transport services. We have offices in all Australian states and through our network of partners and agents overseas we can ensure that your pet’s journey to Australia is safe, stress-free and enjoyable.

Australian Animal Importation Requirements

Whether you are moving to Australia and need to bring your pet here with you, or are here already and want to send a pet over, it is important that you meet all of the Australian importation requirements. This can be a complex business.
As one of Australia’s leading professional pet import agents we specialise in all of the following:

• Pre-import quarantine
• Post-arrival quarantine
• Pre-import blood tests & vaccinations (e.g. Rabies)
• Import permits
• Flights into Australia
• Liaising with the quarantine stations in Sydney & Melbourne
• Additional services, such as dog-walking while your dog is in quarantine
• Collection from quarantine and delivery to your residence

Our animal importation service ensures a smooth journey for your beloved pet, from one home overseas to a great new one in Australia.

Pet Transport

Need to send your pet from across the globe to Australia? Whether you are importing cats or dogs to Australia (or any other pet), our vast experience of the process ensures a safe and comfortable journey.

We provide:
• Sturdy, comfortable and secure animal crates of all sizes that take the stress out of the journey.
• Access to many airlines, including Virgin, Qantas, Skytrans, Regional Express, ensuring the most direct and affordable route for your pet.
• A door to door service using our network of IPATA-approved*, pet-friendly transport agents and our local offices.
• Coordination for all of the necessary international paperwork, permits and vet checks to prepare your pet for travel and arrival in Australia.
• Advice and recommendations for all aspects of your pet’s trip.

All this is provided 365 days a year at unbeatable value and with a track record of delivering on our promises.
Call now on 1300 13 52 52 to start planning your dog’s journey