Pet Crate Sizes

Ensuring pet comfort when in transit is a prime concern of most pet owners when they need to move their beloved animals from A to B. This can be challenging unless you use the right pet crates; additionally, airlines have strict regulations that need to be met.

With a wide variety of animal crates available and 40 years experience of managing pet travel, Dogtainers is the trusted name for transporting your pet wherever you need to, in comfort, safety, and style.


Dog crates and cat crates

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The most common pets in Australia are, of course, dogs and cats. The pet professionals at Dogtainers will help you select the right crate for your dog or cat, so that it has enough space and feels at home during the journey. We have plenty of experience with puppies and kittens as well as fully-grown pets.

Dog and cat transportation can be a little stressful for both pet and owner, whether international, interstate, or within the same city. Starting out with the right, airline-approved animal crate reduces the concerns.

Our dog and cat crates are affordable and available for purchase or hire. They incorporate the following features:

  • Plastic (most common), wooden, or steel mesh design
  • Drinkers included
  • Cleaned and sanitised regularly
  • Made to strict airline regulations

Crates for other animals

Need to transport a more exotic animal or unusual pet? Whether it’s an exotic fish, bird, goat, llama, or pot-belly pig, we can help.

We will help you choose an airline-approved animal crate that suits your pet and keeps it comfortable and safe wherever it’s flying to. Smaller animals like birds and reptiles travel in wooden crates with steel mesh panels while the largest passengers need custom-built animal crates.

We can also look after the import/export documentation, quarantine, vaccinations and all other international pet travel requirements. You can rely on our extensive experience and network to make your pet travel plans as smooth as possible.

How to choose your crate size

  1. Measure your pet:
  2.  Length in cm = Nose to root of tail – tail excluded
  3.  Length of front leg in cm = Floor to Elbow joint
  4.  Width in cm = At the widest point
  5.  Height in cm = Floor to top of head or ear tips while standing whichever is higher
  6. Work out your minimum crate sizing:-

L => A + 1/2 of B

H=> D+3cm

W=> 2 x C

Please note that, while this is a good guideline, some dog breeds (especially brachycephalic dogs like Pugs, English Bulldogs, King Charles Spaniels, and Pekinese) require larger crates.

Crate Sizing For Your Pet

If you are in any doubt about your breed, please check with our experienced animal handlers.

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