How to Choose a Reliable Pet Transporter in Australia


If you’re a pet lover moving house, one of the first considerations will be how to transport your pet safely, securely, and comfortably to its brand new home. Whether this involves a trip across the city, interstate, or overseas, it takes planning and forethought.

Selecting the most reliable pet transporter will bring you peace of mind and ensure that the trip is stress-free for you and your pet. Below are the questions you need to ask to ensure you choose the right company:

Does it have a nationwide presence?

A pet transporting company with offices around the country is more likely to have the significant network required for effectively getting your pet from A to B. The more pick up and collection points run solely by the transporter itself (rather than agents) the better.

How comprehensive is the service?

You need to know whether the pet transporter is able to look after all aspects of the trip. For domestic travel does it provide a door-to-door service with all pickup and delivery arrangements looked after, for instance? Can it provide suitable boarding facilities for your pet or look after special dietary or health requirements, if necessary?

Does it provide international transport?

If you are moving internationally, can the company look after the necessary import and quarantine arrangements, if applicable? Will it arrange permits and all the necessary travel documents, as well as suitable crates for a long journey?

What do other customers say?

Try to speak directly to other people who have used the service; if this is not possible, use online resources to check out verifiable testimonials from previous customers.

Is it IPATA rated?

Is the pet transporter a member of IPATA (the International Pet and Animal Transport Association) with partner agents all over the world?

Which airlines does it have relationships with?

Check which airlines it uses. If it has relationships with most of the leading airlines in Australia then it is more likely to be able to negotiate better rates and more favourable times for flying your pet.

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