When sending precious cargo, you’re sure to have a lot of questions. Please see the FAQs below to help you with common questions and concerns.

What is door to door service?

Your pet will be collected in a climate-controlled, state of the art vehicle by a Dogtainers pet handling specialist and transported to premium holding facilities before travelling. At the appropriate time, your pet will be transported to the airport and a Dogtainers handler will be waiting at the other end to carefully courier the pet to its final destination.

What is airport to airport service?

When you choose airport to airport pet travel you are arranging for Dogtainers to book your pet on a flight using their discounted freight rates. A crate for your pet will be available at the airport 90 -120 minutes before travel.

Neither of these options suit me. Can I have a tailor made travel plan?

With Dogtainers extensive national network of professional pet travel consultants you can confidently receive information of the many and varied levels of service. Simply contact Dogtainers to discuss your requirements.

How long before take-off must pets arrive at the airport?

Major airports servicing domestic flights require pets to be at the airport 90 – 120 minutes before departure. Dogtainers travel consultants will confirm with each booking the time you are required to be at the airport as well as address to ensure your pet is presented within the requirements of the airline they are travelling on. Should your pet be travelling internationally your professional sales consultant will advise all details in regards to your pets’ movements prior to departure.

Can I give my pet a treat before they fly?

To avoid travel sickness, it is recommended you don’t feed your pet at least six hours before their travel time.

Should I sedate my pet to reduce the stress of travel?

Preferably not. The latest studies show that sedation causes far more trouble than it is worth. Particularly on longer journeys, sedation can cause your pet to become dehydrated and it also makes it more difficult to assess their health on arrival.

Where do pets travel on the plane?

Pets travel in a compartment which is usually at the rear of the plane (unless you’re chartering the entire jumbo). Contrary to popular belief, pets do not travel in freezing conditions in the belly of the plane. They travel in air-conditioned and pressurised freight space much the same as the passenger cabin.

Can my pet’s favourite toy or blanket travel with them?

Small soft toys are allowed to travel with your pet. In the event of turbulence, you do not want hard objects in the crate which may potentially cause harm. Comfort items such as some of your personal (unwashed) clothing or a familiar blanket can create a sense of security. Please note: Customs prevents natural products from travelling i.e sheepskin or wool. Items such as bean bags, pet food, bones, and anything metal, are all strictly prohibited on flights. Important documentation not required for transport should be mailed to the receiver and not attached to travel container as separation of the documents makes it extremely difficult to trace.

Will my pet travel on the same flight as me?

Every airline has to abide by a set of standards and regulations with pet travel, it is best to contact Dogtainers to discuss the airline you intend to travel on prior to purchasing passenger tickets. This will enable you to make an informed decision on which airline you can travel on and suitable flights on offer with the preferred airline.

What happens after the flight?

Pets are the first cargo off the plane. Depending on the service you have chosen, you can collect your pet yourself or the pet will be delivered to you at a specified time and date. All airports vary in their collection points, so check with your Dogtainers travel consultant when you make your booking.

I’m travelling today but I won’t be ready for my pet until I’ve set up my new home. Can you make arrangements for my pet?

Dogtainers have a network of privately owned and approved agent boarding facilities in many destinations, please contact your Dogtainers office to discuss the requirements for entry, local pricing and availability particularly in peak seasons. Dogtainers can also offer many other services whilst in board such as exercise plans, hydro bathing and grooming services, please call to discuss.

What else can I do to ensure my pet has a good trip?

The first rule to follow is that you stay relaxed. Pets can sense stress in humans and it makes them uneasy. When you send your pets with Dogtainers, you can trust that your pets will be given the highest standard of care.

If your pet transport question isn’t answered on this page, please contact Dogtainers for further information.