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Auckland office
Natalie I
Rufus & Winnie

Pets name: Rufus & Winnie

Origin: Auckland

Destination: Melbourne

January 21,2018 05:08:28 AM

Thankyou Dogtainers(Hannah&Chris) so much for answering our call,helping us with questions especially around customs and what to expect, been patient taking my million calls over the week that I was waiting for our puppies, they arrived happy and I could tell that they were transition respectively the days you had them on the plane to me thankyou.

Pet Transport reviews
Aleisha stewart
Holly, Coco, Sophie

Pets name: Holly, Coco, Sophie

Origin: Cairns

Destination: Brisbane

January 18,2018 04:33:50 PM

The service from the original quote to collecting our pets from the airline was exceptional. Our pets arrived safely and I will recommend this company to anyone. Thanks for everything.

Frances Dunwell
Sonny & Skye
Melbourne, Australia
Indianapolis USA

Pets name: Sonny & Skye

Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Destination: Indianapolis USA

January 17,2018 10:13:35 PM

Sonny and Skye made a huge journey from Australia to Usa. They got off the carousel in their crates and they were relaxed and happy. Thank you Dog Tainers!

Belinda Whelan
Georgie and Juddy
Melbourne, Australia
Dubai, UAE

Pets name: Georgie and Juddy

Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Destination: Dubai, UAE

January 08,2018 11:23:36 AM

Thank you Dogtainers. I was so nervous about moving our gorgeous pets from Melbourne to Dubai, however, I can honestly say it has been one of the smoothest parts of our relocation. From calming my nerves when they arrived to collect my pets, sorting out a problem we had with our documentation efficiently, and sending an update on our precious pets before boarding, Dogtainers were fantastic. We know exactly who we will be using when we return Juddy and Georgie to Melbourne or on our next big adventure. Thank you, Belinda and Brent

Jasper & Lottie
Melbourne, Australia
Dublin, Ireland

Pets name: Jasper & Lottie

Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Destination: Dublin, Ireland

August 16,2017 02:42:23 AM

A big thanks to Andrea (Dogtainers Melbourne) & Dogtainers for taking such good care of Jasper & Lottie. From organising their 10 day kennel stay in Melbourne to their travel & safe arrival in Dublin.
They were happy & healthy when we collected them & have settled in nicely into their new life. Loving the Irish beach walks more than anything!

John Menzies
Gretel and Seraphina
Perth, Western Australia
Halifax, Canada

Pets name: Gretel and Seraphina

Origin: Perth, Western Australia

Destination: Halifax, Canada

August 14,2017 04:53:39 AM

We were pleased with the service provided by Lewis from our initial inquiries to completion. Gretel our Bernese Mountain Dog and her Siamese sister cat had the best of care as they arrived in great condition considering it was a 3-day journey. There was a problem with the dog crate due to airline space issues between Perth and Sydney and Dogtainers provided a substitute crate at no additional cost for the onward journey. We would recommend Dogtainers as a very professional outfit.

Adele Collier
Wolf and Griffin
Perth, Western Australia
Auckland , New Zealand

Pets name: Wolf and Griffin

Origin: Perth, Western Australia

Destination: Auckland , New Zealand

August 10,2017 04:56:56 AM

We engaged Dogtainers to transport our two Bull Mastiffs from Perth to New Zealand. Lewis at Dogtainers was fantastic from the word go, arranging the logistics for travel, having the crates made, arranging the vet checks and paperwork as well as calming a stressed out Mum and Dad. Can’t recommend him enough. The NZ Dogtainers team, was awesome too with Hannah being with us when we picked up the boys and arranging their paperwork and clearances. The fact the boys were happy and not stressed was a huge relief to us and it’s thanks to Dogtainers. The boys loved their crates and were quite happy to stay in them during their trip to New Plymouth. They are now happily settled in their new home. Great work Lewis, team and Hannah.

Brisbane, Australia
Portland, USA

Pets name: Boomer

Origin: Brisbane, Australia

Destination: Portland, USA

August 08,2017 05:06:43 AM

Hi Angie,


We have had a wonderfully busy weekend getting Boomerang adjusted to his new life in the US. He is doing very well.  He follows his Aussie sister Ruby everywhere.  Our 12 year old dog is doing really well with him as well.  Boomer is so playful and incredibly adorable like you said.  From the back, his head looks like a teddy bear.  It’s so cute.  Our biggest challenge has been dealing with reversing his day and night schedule. At 2am, he is wide awake and ready to play..  🙂  Thank you Angie and a big thanks to Dogtainers for another transport to the US.  It was a year ago exactly when I mentioned to some friends in Australia that we wanted an Australian Kelpie.  I would have never thought that we would end up with two beautiful dogs from Australia.  Because of you, our family has grown, and we are now so excited that Boomerang has joined his Aussie sister Ruby Roo.  Together they will enjoy on many walks, hikes, adventures and chasing tennis balls.

Bree & Bullet
Brisbane, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand

Pets name: Bree & Bullet

Origin: Brisbane, Australia

Destination: Auckland, New Zealand

August 02,2017 05:10:55 AM

Huge thanks to Bibi and the team at Dogtainers for the care my babies received from you all. This is the third time I have used Dogtainers and have found your service awesome and have no hesitation in recommending Bibi as she is amazing to deal with.

Washpool Ned
Adelaide, South Australia
Amsterdam, Holland

Pets name: Washpool Ned

Origin: Adelaide, South Australia

Destination: Amsterdam, Holland

August 01,2017 05:23:36 AM

Thank you to the team at Dogtainers in Adelaide for the professional service and care of our pup Ned on his journey to Holland. He arrived in great condition and his new family were very happy to have their new addition settling in well.

Melbourne, Australia

Pets name: Kirra

Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Destination: Singapore

July 30,2017 05:31:07 AM

We had Dogtainers deliver our puppy, Kirra, from Melbourne to Singapore and they were fantastic! Communication via email and phone was very easy and we knew our puppy was in great hands. Would happily use their services again. Thanks Andrea!

Geraldton , WA
Mackay, QLD

Pets name: BJ

Origin: Geraldton , WA

Destination: Mackay, QLD

July 27,2017 05:37:10 AM

Amanda Mann has been an absolute gem the whole way through trying to organize to get our puppy sent to us from Geraldton. She has the perfect attitude and personality for the position she is in. I highly recommend Dogtainers and will be definitely using them again

Melbourne, Australia
Dublin, Ireland

Pets name: Lionel

Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Destination: Dublin, Ireland

July 25,2017 05:34:37 AM

Amazing service, communication and care was far beyond what I expected. Very well organized, not one thing went wrong. A huge thanks to Andrea. We had three very excited kids!!

Candice Hordyk
Perth, Western Australia
Vancouver, BC

Pets name: Zoe

Origin: Perth, Western Australia

Destination: Vancouver, BC

July 07,2017 02:15:11 AM

We used Dogtainers to transport our beloved dog Zoe from Perth to Vancouver. My husband and I had already moved to Vancouver and were ready to have our pup flown over.
Our main contact was Lewis, from Dogtainers in Perth WA. As we were overseas, all correspondence was via email and phone. Lewis was professional, helpful and put our mind at ease knowing that Zoe would be in great hands! He organised with my sister (that is who Zoe was boarding with in WA) the crate drop off, and pick up time on the day of flight.

Kaye Cranstone

Pets name: rosie

Origin: Cairns

Destination: Brisbane

October 10,2016 04:09:39 PM

Would recommend Dogtainers to anyone who needs a caring and responsible company to help their pets travel. Very helpful and reassuring people that make the trip much less stressful, for both pets and owners.

Brendan Davis
Frank and Daisy
Melbourne Australia
London United Kingdom

Pets name: Frank and Daisy

Origin: Melbourne Australia

Destination: London United Kingdom

October 10,2016 04:08:49 PM

Frank and daisy are settling in well in London. Thanks again for all the help, we will use dogtainers when we return to Australia in a few years time.

Indi and Quinny
Mornington Island
All over Australia

Pets name: Indi and Quinny

Origin: Mornington Island

Destination: All over Australia

October 10,2016 04:04:57 PM

We have shipped 10 puppies, 1 dog and 1 kookaburra through Dogtainers and cannot recommend this company highly enough. We live on an isolated island and this is fraught with transport difficulties, however Darren and Sarah are just amazing people and constantly find solutions; they truly care about the animals and customers. They found a way to get our puppies off the island even when the commercial airlines were down, and organised the air shipping and road transport of an injured kookaburra to a wildlife hospital for us, at expense to themselves. They always go above and beyond any expectations and are the friendliest people you could ask to deal with. There are no words good enough.

Katrina Brooks
Sth. Africa

Pets name: Lily

Origin: Melbourne

Destination: Sth. Africa

October 10,2016 04:01:09 PM

Pleased with the help given regarding requirements to Sth. Africa and follow up. thanks

Kym Thorburn
Bobby and Tiger
Perth, WA
Islantilla, Spain

Pets name: Bobby and Tiger

Origin: Perth, WA

Destination: Islantilla, Spain

October 10,2016 03:58:31 PM

Thank you to Dogtainers, especially Lewis in the Perth office, for getting our cat, Tiger, and our dog, Bobby, all the way from Perth to Spain. From our first contact with Dogtainers, until the day that our animals arrived home in Spain, we knew that Lewis was completely in control of the arrangements. He instilled a lot of confidence in us with his professional manner and his knowledge of the processes and procedures that we needed to go through but, even more important than that, was the kindness, compassion and understanding that he showed to us and our animals. Making arrangements to move our family from one side of the world to the other was fairly stressful at times but Lewis was a constant source of calm in amongst our chaos and we are extremely grateful to him for that. We are now settling into life in Southern Spain. Tiger is finally back in her home country after travelling around the world with us. She is spending her days sleeping and relaxing in the sunshine. Bobby is happily exploring his new neighbourhood and beaches. Kelpie Xs are very rare here so he is attracting a fair bit of attention from the locals and is charming them all with beautiful Aussie character. So thank you to Lewis and the rest of the team at Dogtainers in Perth, you did an amazing job and we are all very grateful to you.

Kym, Ali, Tiger & Bobby.

Elaine Taylor

Pets name: Lochie

Origin: Australia

Destination: Netherlands

October 10,2016 03:54:04 PM

I would highly recommend DogTainers and take this opportunity to say thank you for a very easy transition and all your help and support,as Lochie my boy is a rescue dog and is highly nervous and as i was very worried on how it would effect him on such a huge flight.I did not need to worry at all, Lewis was very professional and with a big heart and kept me up to date as we went along and made it so very easy.When the time comes in a few years time i would not hesitate in using Dogtainers again.

Gayle Addison
Angus and Coco

Pets name: Angus and Coco

Origin: Brisbane

Destination: Glasgow

October 10,2016 01:59:18 PM

Pets arrived safely. Dog settled in in no time but seems a bit bored at night with no possums to chase! Cat took longer to settle but she’s getting there now. Can’t fault the service from Dogtainers. Bibi was fantastic. Recommened Dogtainers to anyone.

Reika Nakai
Melbourne AU
Nottingham UK

Pets name: Tama

Origin: Melbourne AU

Destination: Nottingham UK

October 05,2016 01:58:07 PM

Dogtainers are fantastic! They are prompt in replies, thorough with details, and made the paperwork process very simple and easy, my cat was picked up from my Australian residence and delivered to my UK residence, she arrived safely and in great condition and settled right in without any issues. Very pleased with the level of service and attention to detail, I would gladly recommend Dogtainers to everyone.

Solomon Islands

Pets name: Ralph

Origin: Brisbane

Destination: Solomon Islands

October 05,2016 01:57:51 PM

Bibi was extremely helpful from the first day I called. Explained everything thoroughly and made the whole process really simple. I would highly recommend Dog Trainers

Amelia Bradford

Pets name: Ralph

Origin: Brisbane

Destination: Honiara

October 05,2016 01:55:11 PM

Thank you Bibi for being so kind and sweet to our beautiful Ralphy. He was so happy when he arrived in Honiara so I know you looked after him at Dogtainers office in Brisbane. Thank you for making his move so easy for us we really appreciate all your assistance.

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