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Mickleham Quarantine Update and News

It has now been over 6 months since the new quarantine facility opened up in Melbourne. Overall it seems that the new facility has opened in a seamless fashion. From the feedback received by customers and from what we have experienced ourselves the facility is as every bit as impressive as was hoped. The facilities…

Jun - 09 2016


At Dogtainers we understand that pets are family. We also understand that the thought of sending your pets either overseas and domestically can make you feel a little weak at the knees. At Dogtainers it is our commitment to make the travel process as smooth and as seamless as possible for not only your 4…

Feb - 12 2016

Pet Shipping One on One

Dogtainers is the number one Pet Shipper not only in Australia but one of the longest standing and most experienced pet shippers in the world.  Dogtainers hold I.A.T.A accredited freight forwarder status and works with governing bodies on pet shipping from around the world.  Pet Shipping is what they do best with over fifty five…

Oct - 01 2015

Pet Transport Tips

The thought of your much loved family pet being transported in an aircraft for the first time can evoke all kinds of different emotions. Transporting pets is quite a foreign concept for most people who have never had the need so naturally most pet owners are a little anxious especially in relation to how their…

Sep - 18 2015

Pet Transport NSW, MEL & PER

Moving house, changing job, or travelling for other reasons can be a stressful time for pet owners. The last thing you need is to pass that stress on to your pet, so finding a reliable service to look after your pet transport within NSW and beyond is paramount. Dogtainers is Australia’s most trusted name in pet…

May - 22 2014

Pet Transport Queensland

If you are moving house, going on holiday, or need to transport your pet around Queensland for any other reason, animal care expertise is required to ensure the journey is as comfortable, safe and stress-free as possible for your pet. Dogtainers is a trusted name in pet moving around Australia and internationally. We have 40 years’…

May - 22 2014