Frozen Animal Semen Transport


Specialist transport for special cargo

We have dry “vapour nitrogen shippers” to send animal semen or embryos in or around Australia and the world. We can collect your semen from the storage facility and arrange to send domestically or internationally. Alternatively, you can simply hire the semen container and arrange yourself.

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Trust Dogtainers to ensure your valuable semen reaches its destination seamlessly. Through our experience of transporting pets daily, both domestically and around the world, we understand the best routes to get your valuable cargo where it needs to be on time, every time.

Please see examples of the canisters that Dogtainers are able to hire below.

To understand more about this specialised process and how Dogtainers can best assist, please contact us on 1300 13 52 52

NameCanistersNeck Opening (cm)Number of StrawsHeightNitrogen CapacityDiameterEvap Rate          Can. HeightDays (hold over)Weight
MVE SC4/3V15.08½cc 120 straws50cm4.3L22cm.20L per day28cm21 days9.1kg