Dogtainers understands that different animals have different needs, which is why we have animal transport crates to suit cats, dogs and many other types of pets. Whether you require a reliable fish transport, or you’reanimal crates  sending a tiny puppy, an exotic bird or a pot-belly pig you deserve to know that they will fly in a suitable, airline approved travel crate that guarantees their comfort and safety. Over the last 40 plus years, Dogtainers have established close relationships with leading airlines and transport companies around the world. This partnership has provided the inside knowledge to create the most comfortable animal travel crates and travel plans available. When you are looking for secure and sturdy pet containers online, come to Australia’s top transportation company.

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Is your pet a snub nosed cat or dog?



Crate Sizing For Your Pet


How to Measure your Pet

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A.  Length in cm = Nose to root of tail – tail excluded

B.  Length of front leg in cm = Floor to Elbow joint  

C.  Width in cm = At the widest point

D.  Height in cm = Floor to top of head or ear tips while standing whichever is higher

If your Dog is a Brachycephalic breed please choose a crate that is one size larger to give your Dog more ventilation and space to move. 

For the transportation of animals within Australia, most pets will travel in either a plastic or steel mesh crate appropriate to their size and breed. When relocating animals and pets overseas, smaller pets travel in plastic crates and larger ones, such as, dogs can travel in plastic or wooden crates made to meet the strict airline regulations. When booking your transport with us, all crates used for overseas transport include a drinker. Smaller animals like birds and reptiles travel in wooden crates with steel mesh panels. The largest passengers will travel in their own custom built animal travel crates. The travel container selected will be correctly sized by our experienced animal handlers, taking into account the regulations regarding size, breed, airline and if travelling overseas, the country of destination. Dogtainers pet crates hire are affordable and we always clean our containers whether you hire or purchase them. All crates purchased or hired from Dogtainers are fully airline approved.

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